Study program Automobile Transport Riga Technical University

Graduates dealing with automotive workshop equipment

Our graduates use their professional knowledge and skills for:

  • equipment manufacturing;
  • equipment sales and installation;
  • professional training;
  • providing automotive companies with technology.


Jānis Kalniņš , Robert Bosch Ltd , after sales serviceman

"The main task for higher education is to make student to think. Think, take a wider look, analyze, make a decision, so I am thankful RTU for teaching me those things"


Dzintars Ašaks , Lenod Technics Ltd

"This is a text sample. Dzintars is welcome to write here."


Jānis Jakstovičs , Alintek ltd , director

"This is a text sample. Jānis is welcome to write here."


Arvids Pigoznis , Alintek ltd , sales director

"The right equipment at the right time solves 40% of the problem. Education from RTU and algorithm of thinking helps to solve the remaining 60%."


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