Study program Automobile Transport Riga Technical University

Why study

To study in RTU study program "Automotive Engineering" is worth, because of

  • the variety of employment opportunities;
  • the opportunity to take up leadership roles;
  • the possibility to obtain useful skills for practical life;
  • the transport sector has one of the highest average salaries in Latvia;
  • the exciting work with modern equipment;
  • the study time would be spent in a really nice city Riga;
  • the work with interesting people;
  • cars are simply a source of joy.


Reasons to extend studies in master program "Automotive Engineering":

  • willingness not to stop in studies;
  • the studies amount is closer to 5 year engineering education of former years;
  • the master degree would be beneficial in  future career;
  • the studies are recommended by professors;
  • willingness to invest in the future;
  • no desire yet to start a career, but is a willingness to do something useful.


To extend studies by enrolling into doctoral study program "Transport" is worth, if

  • the pleasure of being a researcher is found;
  • the first research results have been published;
  • there is the ability and determination to devote a lot of free time to research;
  • both the research problem and research funding source have been located.

Photo before the next coming challenge