Study program Automobile Transport Riga Technical University

Professional Master studies

Master studies in professional program Automotive Engineering is provided in Latvian only.

Master study program is offered to:

  • graduates of RTU professional bachelor study program "Automotive Engineering" and to graduates of other transport professional study programs - the length of studies is 1.5 years. The studies strengthen engineering knowledge and provide with research skills. Professional master degree is awarded.
  • graduates of RTU academic bachelor study program "Automotive Engineering" (program active before 2008) and to graduates of other transport academic study programs - the length of studies is 2.5 years. Engineering qualification and professional master degree are awarded.
  • graduates of engineering or business professional bachelor study programs and to graduates with engineering qualification - the length of studies is 1.75 years. For these students specialization in road haulage is provided by elective study courses. Professional master degree is awarded.

Program codes in RTU register:
RMGU0 - after professional bachelor study programs
RMGUC - after other engineering or business professional study programs

The study program includes:

Compulsory study courses 14 CP:

  • Research in Road Transport - to strengthen research skills required for master thesis development
  • Vehicle Effective Service Technology - included in the study program by suggestions of graduates
  • Sustainable Vehicle Technology - to provide with connections to other transport means.

Elective courses - 14 credit points (CP)

Specialty advanced courses:

  • Automotive Manufacturing and Rebuilding Technology
  • Road Traffic Safety
  • Sustainable Multimodal Transport Technology
  • Combustion and Emissions in an Internal Combustion Engines

Other elective specialty courses:

  • Automotive Propulsion System Integration
  • Innovative Automotive Technology
  • Road Vehicle Dynamics and Performance
  • Electric Road Vehicles Technology
  • Basics of Safe Driving and Teaching Methodology

Other elective study courses:

  • Pedagogy or Psychology courses  - taking into account that graduates are encouraged to enter doctoral programs and to become university academics
  • language courses - included in the study program by suggestions of graduates
  • some study courses from professional bachelor program "Automobile Transport" - for those who have no previous education in Automotive Engineering

Free elective study courses 6 CP

Practical placement 6 weeks (32 weeks if no practical placement has been in academic bachelor program) - mandatory for all professional programs

Master Thesis - research work 20 CP