Study program Automobile Transport Riga Technical University





Māris Knite, professor, Dr.habil.phys.

  • Physics

"University's main task is to enable students to learn with maximum accuracy and creativity, and to develop the self-confidence that for any problem one can find a solution"






Edgars Šīrons, leading researcher, Dr.Sc.Hab.Ing

  • General Metrology

"Creative work - science begins where measurements begin. In order to meet the high technical-economic indicators, one must continuous increase the quality - precision."



Jānis Vība, professor, Dr.Sc.Hab.Ing

  • Theoretical Mechanics

"Theoretical mechanics is based on objective, real-life laws of nature and gives knowledge that are used by other natural sciences and industries"



Modris Dobelis, professor, Dr.Sc.Ing

  • Descriptive Geometry and Engineering Graphics

"Illustration is worth 1000 words. Technical drawing is also an illustration and engineering people need to understand technical drawing language. Descriptive geometry is the alphabet of this language and provides understanding of how to create even 3D digital models."



Aleksandrs Januševskis, professor, Dr.Sc.Ing

  • Computer Graphics for Mechanical Engineering

"„Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler” /Albert Einstein/"



Andrejs Krasņikovs, professor, Dr.Sc.Ing

  • Strength of Materials

"Strength of materials is a fundamental course giving the basic knowledge for engineering design and performance assessment"



Oskars Liniņš, professor, Dr.Sc.Ing

  • Electropneumatic Technique

"The eternal question: what came first - the part or the drawing ?"



Juris Saulītis, professor, Dr.oec.

  • Economics

"By making decisions people and society make their choice. I hope that your choice will be successful and will be the basis to meet your goals"



Sigurds Jaundālders, associated professor, Dr.Sc.Ing

  • Heat Science



Jānis Ozoliņš, associated professor, Dr.Sc.Ing

  • Engineering Materials Structure and Properties
  • Material Science
  • Manufacturing Technology

"Engineer thinks about materials only when designing a new machine and when something breaks"



Jānis Rudņevs, associated professor, Dr.Sc.Ing

  • Analysis and Synthesis of Mechanisms

"By learning you would find out how little you know"



Airisa Šteinberga, associated professor, Dr.Psych.

  • Psychology






Aivis Grīslis, as. professor, Dr.Sc.Ing

  • Road Transportation
  • Road Transportation Advanced Course
  • Research Methods in Automobile Transport
  • Transportation Systems
  • Road Traffic Safety Advanced Course
  • Freight Forwarding

"The main function of a man is to live - not to exist. Enhance yourself to start living!"



Juris Kalinka, docent, Dr.Sc.Ing

  • Strength of Materials



Jānis Kaņeps, docent,

  • Electropneumatic Technique

"By learning you will understand that with just compressed air, a bit of electricity and mechanics, with some knowledge and ingenuity great things can be done"



Juris Kreicbergs, docent, Ing, MBA

  • Vehicle Dynamics
  • Road Traffic Safety
  • Automotive Companies
  • ICE Mechanics
  • Automotive Research

"The task of professor is to motivate students to allocate time and other resources for studies and to assess the achievements in the particular subject. Later professors can enjoy the success of graduates, which often have no direct relation with achievements in the particular course because the real results are achieved by those, who do not limit themselves with university knowledge, but constantly improve themselves."



Ēriks Vonda, docent, Ing

  • Vehicle Technology Advanced Course
  • Road Traffic Safety Advanced Course
  • Vehicle Repair Advanced Course
  • Practice



Gundars Zalcmanis, docent, MSc

  • Automotive Electrical and Electronic Systems
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Vehicle Fuels, Oils and Liquids
  • Vehicle Mechanics Project
  • Vehicle Technology Project

"It is a joy and a pleasure to work and collaborate with promising and much promising students ..."



Oskars Irbītis, engineer, MSc

  • Vehicle Testing
  • Vehicle Mechanics



Jānis Rudzītis, head of laboratories, Ing

  • Vehicle Repair
  • Vehicle Repair Advanced Course
  • Vehicle Fuels, Oils and Liquids

"Tough but enjoyable is the process by which the project is being implemented in life"



Andris Skārds, head of laboratories, Ing

  • Automotive Engines

"Let's see the life more optimistic"



Māris Stāks, engineer, MSc

  • Vehicle Construction



Kārlis Šneps-Šnepe, head of laboratories, Ing

  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Vehicle Repair Advanced Course



Gaļina Blagova, lecturer,

  • Economics



Kalvis Kravalis, docent,, Dr.Sc.Ing

  • Fluid Mechanics



Gatis Muižnieks, Docent, Dr.Sc.Ing

  • Material Science



Guntis Pikurs, researcher,

  • Fluid Mechanics