Study program Automobile Transport Riga Technical University

Professional Bachelor studies

Bachelor studies in professional program Automotive Engineering is provided in Latvian only.

Study program is offered:

  • to persons with general or professional  secondary education. After the studies the qualification of engineer and professional bachelor degree are awarded

The length of the studies 4.5 years (4 years in class, one year plactical placement with bachelor thesis development)
Program codes in RTU register: RMCU0 (Riga), DMCU0 (Daugavpils), NMCU0 (extramural)

Study subjects by study year (can be some deviations).


The study program includes:

Automotive Engineering courses:

Mechanical Engineering courses:

General Engineering courses:

Other courses determined by RTU:

Business courses:

Practical Placement 26 weeks - compulsory for all professional bachelor programs

Bachelor Thesis with a Design Project