Study program Automobile Transport Riga Technical University


Admission procedures in Riga Technical University are Admission department for Latvian students and Foreign Students department for foreign students. Study program "Automobile Transport" is offered in Latvian only.

To be admitted to the study program "Automobile Transport", applicants are encouraged to use website where admission would be available from July.

Additional information – RTU Admission department:
Kalku Street 1, room 121, Riga,

Enrollment requirements (in Latvian) are unified for the whole Riga Technical University.

Study program "Automobile Transport" is offered for extramural students for the bachelor degree only. Webpage of extramural department (in Latvian) can be found here.

Applicants for Masters program "Automobile Transport", are welcome to contact us at RTU TMF Automobile Transport institute.

Any additional information about study program content can be asked at RTU TMF Automobile Transport institute. Schools are welcome to arrange visits of labs and lecture rooms; all are also welcome at open doors days.

RTU main building at Kalku Street 1, where both Admissions Department and Foreign Students Department are located (map)