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Road Transportation

Road Transportation (Basic Course)

Study course deals with the principles of freight and passenger road haulage, commercial road transport and transport for own-account.

Following topics are included in the syllabus of study course:

  • shippers, receivers, passengers, bus-stations, freight forwarders, governmental bodies, associations and other social partners involved in road transport activities, their collaboration; commercial and non-commercial road haulage service framework (principles of road haulage for fee and haulage for own-account);
  • basic principles and specific features of road passenger transport;
  • description and analysis of road network, road transport flow parameters and of the system “vehicle – road”;
  • trip planning for road haulage routes;
  • road vehicles’ types and an efficient usage of fleet;
  • analysis of transported goods, their packaging, cargo placement and mounting options for security and traffic safety;
  • specificity of road haulage of diverse types of cargoes: transport of heavy and bulky goods, transport of perishables, shipments of live animals, transport of dangerous goods.

During the study process students have opportunities to:

  • listen informative and educational lectures;
  • do practical works with self-selected team members to acquire new knowledge and skills in road transportation;
  • estimate the appropriateness of road haulage for transporting different merchandises, to analyse real situations and to gain experience in decision-making process.

Study course is designed as basic or introductory course. It is advisable to increase knowledge by studying the Master's program and selecting study course "Road Transportation (advanced course).

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